Nursing Care

Nursing Care Services At The Camellia

When you are in the care of an assisted living facility, having an on-site health care is crucial. A health issue can happen in an instant, so we make it our priority to keep our residents in good health. At The Camellia at Gulf Breeze we provide experienced and compassionate limited nursing staff and 24 hour health care workers available for your medical needs.

Numbers Matter

We realize the need to be properly staffed to accommodate the number of residents in our care. Our assisted living facility has one staff member per every nine residents. Being well-staffed ensures that everyone is given individual attention and that they are properly cared for. We want our residents to feel that they truly matter to us. We maintain a volume of staff that allows our nurses and PCAs to know everyone by name and form a real relationship with them.

We’re not satisfied in just doing the minimum required of us in any area of our operations, and that’s one of our points of pride at The Camellia at Gulf Breeze. For that reason, we have a higher staff-to-resident ratio than the state strictly requires. And our staff is one that is highly dedicated to the residents in our care. We have a strong community here, with strong relationships between our staff and our residents, and that is clearly represented in our low turnover. People love living here, and our staff loves working here. This is a place that we strive to make a home for everyone. That level of commitment is one that leads to greater comfort and better health for our residents as well as excellent care given by a staff that believes that this is more than just a job.

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