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Assisted Lived

Assisted living can do wonders for senior citizens who wish to enjoy happy, safe and efficient daily lifestyles. It offers continuous support and security that can give seniors full peace of mind. It can give their concerned family members the same ease and serenity, too. If you’re searching for a first-rate assisted living facility anywhere near beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida, you have no reason to lose sleep. That’s because The Camellia is available to accommodate all of your needs and beyond happily. Our skilled and experienced staff members will look after the special person who means so much to you. Our aim at this community is to provide all residents with the finest and most sensitive personalized living assistance possible. We succeed at that on a daily basis as well.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living, in a nutshell, is exactly what it sounds like. It can often be difficult for seniors to keep up with all of the duties and responsibilities that come with daily life. Getting dressed in the morning can be a dilemma. The same goes for driving to the local grocery store, cooking dinner and even writing checks out. That’s precisely why outside assistance can do so much for seniors. If you don’t want the senior in your life to have to worry about dealing with day-to-day matters, our care can do a world of good for him or her. We have a highly trained medical department at our facility that offers the convenience of round-the-clock emergency availability. We also offer assistance with laundry, transportation, daily physical fitness, medication management, meals, bathing, dressing and more.

Activities Of Daily Living

South Seas strives to provide seniors with a happy, productive and efficient community. Our committed staff members do more than simply look after our residents and assist them with various tasks and responsibilities. They also go the extra mile to make sure our residents are content, busy and comfortable as can be. Scheduled activities are a big focal point here at The Camellia. Social interaction is yet another major focal point at our facility. We work hard to promote lasting and meaningful relationships with our residents. We work hard to foster the importance of recreational activities as well. Recreation and social interaction can both do a lot for senior citizens who want to stay sharp and focused.

Cost Factors

Facility living costs can vary dramatically. If you want to select a center that’s ideal for the senior in your life, you have to review all of your options with great care and dedication. A center that’s perfect for one senior may not be the greatest match for another. Our objective here at The Camellia is to be a well-rounded sanctuary for all of our community members. It’s to provide all residents with 24/7 care that’s efficient, dependable, thorough and warm. It’s to provide their families with the highest degree of peace of mind, too. If you’re looking for information regarding pricing at The Camellia, we can provide you with all the details you need. Just call us to set up a personal consultation.

FAQs About Assisted Living

A good assisted living facility can be invaluable to senior citizens who can benefit from daily support. It can be hard for an aging individual to live on his own. It can often even be quite dangerous. It can sometimes be tough for older people to navigate their homes. They’re frequently susceptible to potentially dangerous trips and falls as well. It isn’t uncommon for seniors to experience memory trouble, either. Memory loss and cognitive issues, in general, can make getting around alone quite tricky at times. If you want to protect the senior in your life from the dangers and hassles of living alone, our facility can make a fantastic option for you.

Activities of Daily Living

Our activities of daily living services focus on ensuring our residents can lead full and enriching lives.

Activities Of Daily Living Assistance

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are a critical part of lifestyles in people of all ages. It often becomes a lot harder for people to handle these activities as they get older and older, however. That’s why assistance often becomes essential. The six primary activities that are under the ADL umbrella are bathing, eating meals, taking care of toilet duties, getting dressed, continence and walking. If you have a family member who could benefit from guidance with any of these things, The Camellia could be the perfect assisted living facility for you. Our trained team members help residents with all sorts of instrumental activities of daily living, too. We’re a highly rated assisted living community that goes the extra mile. Senior well-being is one of our biggest objectives.

Understanding ADLs

Activities of daily living cover many important aspects of healthy and functional lifestyles.

Our team members provide invaluable support to residents who require help with:

  • Finding suitable apparel to wear in the morning.
  • Putting clothing on.
  • Brushing teeth and general grooming.
  • Bathroom use.
  • Meal consumption.
  • Mobility.

Our attentive staff members frequently assist residents who have trouble rising. They frequently aid residents who are unable to brush their hair and floss their teeth as well.

Assistance With Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living

The Camellia isn’t just an assisted living facility that concentrates on the basics. We’re also a center that concentrates on instrumental activities that may not always be necessary for standard daily existence.

Strong examples of IADLs are:

  • Telephone, mobile device, computer and Internet use.
  • Medicine administration.
  • Finance management.
  • Laundry and housekeeping.
  • Food preparation.
  • Use of public transportation.
  • Shopping.

If you’re looking for an assisted living facility that promotes comprehensive assistance with these types of activities, The Camellia at Gulf Breeze is a solid choice.

Varying Levels Of Assistance

Some people have trouble with all kinds of daily activities. There are other people, however, who are only able to handle certain categories of daily activities. That’s why nursing home, assisted living and in-home care plans are all readily available to aging individuals. Assisted living facility residents are often able to handle certain tasks. An assisted living resident may be able to take care of food preparation without a problem. She may, however, have trouble with medication administration. The Camellia carefully evaluates all residents in order to figure out their specific levels of need. No two residents are the same.

South Seas offers all-encompassing and detailed assessments that analyze factors such as:

  • Toileting.
  • Bathing.
  • Medication use.
  • Mobility.
  • Housekeeping abilities.
  • Mental status.
  • Hygiene abilities.
  • Overall behavior.

We can provide your loved one with an activities of daily living assessment that’s thorough and meticulous.

Nursing Care

Invigorating activities near Pensacola to fuel passion and joy every day.

Nursing Care Services At The Camellia

When you are in the care of an assisted living facility, having an on-site health care is crucial. A health issue can happen in an instant, so we make it our priority to keep our residents in good health. At The Camellia at Gulf Breeze we provide experienced and compassionate limited nursing staff and 24 hour health care workers available for your medical needs.

Numbers Matter

We realize the need to be properly staffed to accommodate the number of residents in our care. Our assisted living facility has one staff member per every nine residents. Being well-staffed ensures that everyone is given individual attention and that they are properly cared for. We want our residents to feel that they truly matter to us. We maintain a volume of staff that allows our nurses and PCAs to know everyone by name and form a real relationship with them. We’re not satisfied in just doing the minimum required of us in any area of our operations, and that’s one of our points of pride at The Camellia at Gulf Breeze. For that reason, we have a higher staff-to-resident ratio than the state strictly requires. And our staff is one that is highly dedicated to the residents in our care. We have a strong community here, with strong relationships between our staff and our residents, and that is clearly represented in our low turnover. People love living here, and our staff loves working here. This is a place that we strive to make a home for everyone. That level of commitment is one that leads to greater comfort and better health for our residents as well as excellent care given by a staff that believes that this is more than just a job.

Respite Care

Gulf Breeze's finest respite care: Rejuvenating short-term stays blending care and comfort.

Respite Assistance In Lovely Gulf Breeze, Florida

When you’re looking for leading respite care in Gulf Breeze or Pensacola, Florida, it’s time to get in contact with The Camellia. Our community specializes in respite care that’s top of the line. Respite care is a kind of temporary care that’s helpful to senior citizens who require assistance with daily support. This care isn’t only beneficial for support needs, either. It’s also beneficial for senior citizens who crave the joys of recreational activities, friendship, and regular interaction. We offer superior respite assistance that’s appropriate for seniors, disabled and chronically unwell individuals.

What Is Respite Care?

The Camellia specializes in top-quality respite care that can help people maintain comfortable, pleasant and convenient lifestyles. If you’re someone who looks after an individual who requires regular attention, then you understand the value of consistent support. Our respite assistance can be a lifesaver for caregivers who for whatever reason are unable to continue their duties for a specified length of time. It can come in handy for caregivers who are going on vacation. It can come in handy for caregivers who wish to rest for a while. It can even be beneficial for senior citizens and caregivers who simply want to test assisted living facility lifestyles. If you’re thinking about perhaps moving a senior citizen into an assisted living center in the near future, our respite assistance can help you with the important decision-making process. It can help your senior citizen figure out which path is best for him or her as well.

Top-Quality Respite Care Services

So many key factors go into high-quality professional respite support. Paying careful attention to any available services is important. A reputable respite assistance program many include homemaker services such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, and cooking. It may include assistance with standard daily tasks including feeding, dressing, and bathing. It may include assistance with medication and appointments with the doctor as well. An excellent respite assistance program may cover bases including transportation and laundry. It may include the convenience of 24/7 security and monitoring. If you’re looking for A+ respite assistance for your senior citizen, you need to select a provider that offers exactly what he or she needs. The objective should be to choose a community that has a strong track record and reputation. It should be to choose an assisted living facility that always stresses the immense value of hard work, too. The Camellia is an example of an assisted living community that epitomizes dedication, commitment and resident satisfaction and well-being.

Vital Respite Care Cost Considerations

Professional respite assistance costs tend to run the gamut. You should never select a respite assistance facility based on cost and cost alone. There’s no doubt that cost is indeed a significant factor. It should never be the sole decision-making factor, though. If you want to choose a respite facility that’s 100 percent perfect for your senior, you need to focus on amenities and features. You need to focus on daily support assistance. You need to focus on accommodations. You need to focus on available recreational activities and hobbies, too. The Camellia is a community that aims to provide residents with pleasant, stress-free and modern daily existences. If you want to learn more about our costs, all you have to do is contact us to schedule a personalized consultation.